Our Policies

  • Below is Info for Parents in the form of Policies:

    1. Registration Package                                                               

    All parents must complete and sign the following forms included in their Registration Package before a child will be admitted into the Daycare:

    • Child Registration Form
    •  Child Development Form   
    • Child Care Emergency Card
    •  Permission Slips              
    1. Trial Period

    Your child’s happiness is paramount, as it is for all the children in our care. To ensure everyone is happy with the childcare arrangements provided for your child, a two-week trial period exists prior to the finalization of care. At the end of the two-week trial period, the parents and the caregiver will have a discussion meeting at which time either party may terminate the care without notice.

    1. Termination of Care

    Parents may withdraw their child(ren) at any time after giving one month notice or paying a month fees. The one month’s notice period will begin from the 1st day of the month, after the month on which the notice was given.

    1. Rate Changes

    Parents will receive one month’s notice of any rate increases.

    1. Fees

    Parents will be charged a late payment penalty fee of $10 per day. If payment is not received within 5 days, the caregiver have the right to terminate care without notice. At this point, the caregiver will use whatever means necessary and allowable by law to collect the outstanding fees, or, to withhold the applicable fees from the advanced payment fee. Should the collection of fees proceed to Small Claims Court, the parents will be responsible for all legal and collection fees as per the Agreement for Child Care Contract.

    A onetime non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 per child is charged to every new parent that registers their child into our center. In addition, one month advance fee in the form of a postdated cheque will be required to complete the registration process for each child.

    1. End of Day Late Pick-up Policy

    Our Daycare centre is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is our Daycare’s policy that lateness is not acceptable. It is expected that parents will be ready to pick-up their child(ren) by 6:00 p.m. So it is advisable to be in the daycare by 5:50 p.m. enabling you to be out by 6:00 p.m. at most. If the parent is unable to pickup their child(ren) at the scheduled pick-up time, Tiny Town Daycare may contact the emergency contacts provided by the parents.

    The Parent will pay to the caregiver overtime charges based on $1 per minute for every minute the parent is late after 6:00 p.m.

    1. No Show Policy

    A Parent is considered a no-show when she/he does not appear on-site at Tiny Town Daycare thirty (30) minutes after her/his scheduled pick-up time without notifying the Daycare.

    In the event of a No Show: The Teacher and child(ren) will remain on the premises. The Teacher will contact, in order, one of the following:

    I. The Program Director
    II. The Executive Director (Owner)

    In the event that this is necessary, the Executive Director will make alternative arrangements for the child.

    Parents who are consistently late will be considered to be in violation of their contract and termination of services may occur.

    1. Arrival & Departure

    Parents or a Guardian must accompany their child upon arrival. Parents are required to fill in the Child Daily Information Form or verbally inform the caregiver with any appropriate care that may be required according to the child’s needs for the day. Your child will only be released from care to those persons listed on your Registration Form. If someone other than designated persons will be picking up your child, the caregiver, must receive advanced notice or your child will not be released. Notification will consist of the person’s full name, address, telephone number, relationship to the child and other pertinent information that will help identify the person. Once notified that another designated person will be picking up your child, picture ID and other proof of identification from that person will be required before releasing your child. This is a security measure for all involved. Parents will be notified immediately if someone not on the list comes to pick up their child. Please take the time to discuss with the Daycare staff any custody issues relating to your child.

    1. Typical Daily Schedule

    7:00-8:45           Supervised Free Play, Center-based Activities, Art

    8:45-9:00           Prepare for Breakfast

    9:00-9:15           Breakfast Time

    9:15-9:45           Clean-up & Circle Time (Songs, Stories, Games)

    9:45-11:15          Free choice of planned weekly centers, Arts, Crafts etc.(may go for walk or outdoor play)

    11:15-11:30        Prepare for lunchtime, set table, set out lunch

    11:30-12:00        Eat Lunch

    12:00-12:15        Prepare for rest period

    12:15-2:15          Rest Time (Nap time)

    2:15-2:45            Wake up & Wash up

    2:45-3:15            Snack Time

    3:15-4:15            Free choice of center activities

    4:15-6:00            Supervised Free Play

    This schedule is flexible to meet the individual needs of the child. This is a general overview of our daily schedule that may change from time to time.

    1. Immunization

    We are required by the Child Care Act to have up-to-date records of immunization on file for the children in our care. Parents are required to complete the immunization form prior to the child’s first visit in the program. The child will not be accepted into the program until this form is complete.

    If you choose not to immunize your child due to religious belief or a medical condition there is a separate form for you to complete. Please notify the Daycare office of any new immunization your child may receive.

    1. Children’s Health

    In order to protect all of the children, the following procedures must be followed. Your Child cannot attend the Full-time Daycare Program due to health conditions if he/she:

    • Has a temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.4 degrees Centigrade) or over.
    • Has not been fever free for 24 hours.
    • Has vomited while at daycare or within the last 24 hours (vomiting is more severe than an infant’s “spit up”).
    • Has diarrhoea (abnormally loose, watery bowel movements that are much more frequent than usual). Children will be sent home from the program upon the third incident of diarrhoea during the day.
    • Has been on a prescribed medication for less than 24 hours for a condition requiring exclusion from the program according to the Alberta Health Services Communicable Disease Program. Your child must be symptom free and able to cope with all aspects of the program.
    • Has a rash that has not been identified by parent or physician or that seems to be worsening.
    • Has a severe cold with fever, sneezing and heavy nasal drainage.
    • Seems really sick without any obvious symptoms. In this case, the child may act and look different; may be unusually tired, listless or irritable.
    • Is requiring one-to-one attention from a staff member in order to allow the child to cope and be reasonably comfortable.
    • Has any disease/illness/condition listed in the Alberta Health Services Communicable Disease Guidelines for Schools and Childcare Facilities requiring exclusion.
    • Is unable to participate in all activities – indoor and outdoor. If a child is too sick to go outside, then he/she cannot attend the program.
    • Has chickenpox. Your child will be excluded from the onset of symptoms for 5 days until the majority of the pox is scabbed over. Your child must be able to fully participate in the program upon his/her return.
    • If at any time the staff feels that a child is too sick to be in the program, the child will not be allowed to attend. It is important to try to have alternate child care arrangements in case you cannot stay at home with your child.
    1. Medication Policy

    There are strict procedures in place concerning the administration of medication to children at the daycare. In order to ensure the health of your child, the steps listed below must be followed:

    Medications: prescription or over the counter must be in the original bottle and packaging. The child’s name must be clearly labelled on the bottle and packaging.

    Medication will only be administered once the parent or guardian has completed a Medication Authorization Form. These forms must be filled out with specific instructions as to time and dosage. We cannot administer medication under instructions such as “if you feel it is necessary”. Exception: Medications to ease asthma and /or allergic reactions will be administered, as necessary, once the parent or guardian has outlined clearly the conditions required to make the medicine necessary and has completed a Medication Authorization Form.

    Medication to control pain must be given at a specific time or temperature. If a low-grade fever persists for longer than 24 hours, your child will need to stay at home until they are fever free (without the use of fever reducing medications) or a note from your doctor is provided. At no time can the children stay in the program with a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.4 degrees centigrade) or over.

    Medications will be stored in a container in the refrigerator or designated cupboard in the daycare, as required. It is the parent’s responsibility to take the medication home at night. Epi-pens and puffers will be kept close at hand, as required by the child’s condition.

    We cannot keep Tylenol, etc. on the premises in case your child develops a fever unless we have a note from the doctor stating that it is medically necessary.

    If your child becomes ill while in care, you will be notified immediately. If we cannot reach a parent within a reasonable amount of time we may call the emergency contacts. You will be required to pick up your child from care within 1 hour of notification of illness. The staff will keep sick children isolated from the other children when required until the parent arrives.

    1. Nutrition

    Our program provides morning and afternoon snack and a main meal at lunch. The snacks and lunch are prepared by our day care cook. Menus are posted in the rooms.

    In accordance with requirements listed in Child Care Licensing Regulations, we will ensure that the meals and snacks are provided to children:

    • At appropriate times and in sufficient quantities in accordance with the needs of each child
    • In accordance with a food guide recognized by Health Canada
    • Also ensure that infant nutrition provided by parents is clearly labelled with the infant’s name

    Our primary staff will ensure that:

    • The menus for meals and snacks provided will be posted in a prominent place on the program premises
    • The manner in which children are fed is appropriate to their age and level of development
    • Children are seated while eating and drinking, and
    • No beverages are provided to children while they are napping
    1. Children with Allergies

    Our Daycare staff will enroll children with allergies and to the best of their abilities, create an environment that minimizes the risk of exposure to allergies. This policy recognizes that the risk of accidental exposure can be reduced but not eliminated.

    Each child’s needs will be assessed individually to determine if the centre can manage the allergy safely. The centre reserves the right to refuse registration if it is determined by the program director that the allergy is not safely manageable. Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) in our program must discuss the child’s allergies with the program director in advance of registration to determine if the centre can manage the child’s allergies.

    To determine manageability we look at the following factors: a) type of allergy, b) number of allergies, c) level of severity, d) can exposure to allergen be managed safely and reasonably?, e) are staff and parents comfortable with level of risk that is inherent?

    Once it is determined that the allergy is manageable, then the following procedures must be followed before the child can be admitted into the program:

    • The parent will provide an Allergy Information sheet that is signed by the child’s physician.
    • The parent will complete the allergy form that has been prepared by the centre. The parent will be able to meet and discuss this information with the centre’s staff.
    • The parent will give written consent to advise other parents in the centre about their child’s allergies and to allow us to post the child’s Allergy Alert form in the center.
    • The parent will provide all necessary medications.
    • The parent will demonstrate the administration of the medication/ treatment to the program staff.
    • The program director and the parent will prepare a plan that outlines who will provide the food for the child (the centre or the parent or a combination of the two).
    • The parent and program director will review the plan and the child’s needs on a regular basis.
    • It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the program coordinator, staff and cook of any changes to the child’s allergy.
    • Any changes to the child’s allergies must be noted and signed by the child’s physician.
    1. Field Trips

    Field trips and walks are a regular and carefully supervised part of our program. Walks in the neighbourhood are often taken without previous planning. You will be notified before each field trip beyond the immediate neighbourhood.

    1. Photography

    Photos and movies are sometimes taken for use within the child care centre with the children. Occasionally these, or other pictures, may be used in the media or for educational purposes. Whenever possible, this will be cleared with parents, but this is sometimes difficult or impossible in cases where pictures contain large groups of children or are used several years after they are taken. Names of the children are never used with their photos.

    If you do not wish your child’s picture to be used for publications or newspaper/television stories about the child care centre or for educational purposes, please notify the office staff at the time of registration. We will then ensure that your child’s picture is not taken.

    1. Supervision

    Child staff ratios will be maintained according to the Alberta Child Care Act at all times. Ratios are calculated to find out how many children each staff member will have at any given time during the day. The children are never left unsupervised and ratio standards must be followed at all times. The following is a chart of ratios for different age groups:

       Age Group                       Ratio

    0 -13 months                     1:3
    13 -18 months                   1:4
    19 months – 3 years           1:6
    3 years – 4.5 years             1:8
    4.5 years – 6 years             1:10

    At our center, ratios must be maintained at all times. Being “in ratio” means that each staff has visual contact with all of the children in her/his care. This includes the following situations:

    • Taking children to the bathroom
    • Going to get supplies
    • Using the telephone
    1. Child Discipline Policy

    It is recognized that children are at different stages in their development of appropriate group behavioral skills. At our Day Care Program, key rules will be established to maintain harmony and safety of all of the children. The children will be told the logical consequences that will result when the rules are broken. Staff will follow through in a calm, reasonable, and consistent manner when a child behaves inappropriately.

    Methods that will be used when guiding and redirecting behavior:

    • Caregivers will communicate to children using positive statements.
    • Caregivers will communicate with children by getting down to their eye level and talking to them in a calm quiet manner about what behavior is expected.
    • After the child is reminded of the appropriate behavior, he/she will be redirected through alternatives/ choices to another activity or area.
    • Staff will promote and encourage appropriate behavior through knowledgeable program planning, modeling desirable behaviors, and socially acceptable language.
    • The goal that we are striving for is for children to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors.

    Any person, while on child care premises, shall not engage in any of the following actions toward children:

    • Inflict corporal punishment in any manner upon a child’s body.
    • Hit, spank, beat, shake, pinch, or any other measure that produces physical discomfort.
    • Cruel, harsh, unusual, humiliating, or frightening methods of discipline, including threatening the use of physical punishment.
    • Placement in a locked or dark room.
    • Public or private humiliation, yelling, or abusive or profane language.
    • Staff shall not associate disciplinary action or rewards with rest, food, or toileting.
    • Caregivers shall not use time out for any child.
    • Caregivers shall not use time out for any purpose.
    1. Discipline Documentation / Communication to Parents
    • Caregivers shall have ongoing communication between home and day care regarding all aspects of the care of the child.
    • Caregivers shall document any history of recurring discipline problems and subsequent formal parent conferences in the child’s record.
    • In cases of recurring or severe misbehaviour, parents will be contacted so that we may work things out together. If the misbehaviour continues the Director may place the child on a two week probationary period. If the situation does not improve, or a plan cannot be implemented for improvement during the probationary period, parents will have one week to withdraw their child from the Day Care.
    • Our Day Care staff will act professionally at all times and in accordance with regulation requirements listed in the Child Care Licensing Regulation.
    1. Off-site Activity and Emergency Evacuation

    At our Day Care Center the safety and well-being of children and staff shall always take first priority over all other considerations. The director and staff of our Day Care Center are considered responsible for the safety of children and will coordinate actions with the community’s public safety officials, landlords, and with families of the children in our center.

    Off-site Activity:

    The children’s parents will be advised in advance of planning for an offsite activity, including the transportation and supervision arrangements with respect to the activity. We will require all parents to sign a release form permitting us to take their child/ children on an offsite activity. Proper supervision of children is essential at all times during the off-site activity. Staff must be responsible for children under their supervision. No child will be left alone at any time. All of our staff will be required to maintain staff/ child ratios on field trips. Staff will bring out portable record for each child to offsite activities and during emergency evacuation and first aid kits.

    Summer Play:

    In hot summer days, we will follow the prescribed rule of not having the children out for an offsite activity when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest (11 A.M. to 2 P.M.). All children are required to wear sunscreen and sun hat, both of which are required to be provided by the parents.

    Winter Play:

    We will not take the children for an offsite activity on days colder than 15 Degrees Celsius, high wind chill days, and heavy snow fall days. It will be at the discretion of the staff and program director as to the length of time the children could remain outdoor.

    Proper clothing for the seasons will be requited all times: We understand that while providing care for more than one child, each child cannot endure the heat and cold in the same way, therefor we follow rules of safety that should keep all children’s safety in mind.

    We believe outdoor play activities are essential part of our curriculum. However, we will not put the health, welfare and safety of the children at risk. We will follow the recommended rules as suggested by both City of Edmonton and Alberta Family and Social Services. Also our Day Care staff will act professionally at all times following all requirements of the Child Care Licensing Regulation.

    1. Minor Accidents

    Our Day Care Centre is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all children, staff, and any other persons participating in the program. In case of a minor accident, staff will provide first aid as required. Staff will record all details, including the treatment given, in the accident, injury and illness. Staff will notify the parent/guardian either immediately after the accident, or when they collect their child from the Day Care, depending on the severity of the accident and the emotional state of the child.

    If the child shows any of the symptoms of the illnesses or infectious diseases, Parents/guardians will be requested by staff to collect their child. The child will be kept comfortable and under observation. The sick child may be isolated from the rest of the group, if the illness is deemed dangerous to health or to cause distress to the other children, until the parent/guardian or person authorized to collect the child arrives to collect the child. Information relating to the accident/symptoms shown by the child will be recorded by staff in the accident, injury and illness book.

    1. Major Illness

    In case of emergency medical situations or accidents staff will carry out all possible medical assistance for the child, prior to the parent or ambulance arriving. In accordance with regulation, staff can remove a child requiring medical, hospital or ambulance care from the premises without the parent’s/guardian’s consent. Where an ambulance is required and the parent/guardian is not present to accompany the child, an unqualified staff member and/or a nominated representative of the licensee will accompany the child in the ambulance. The relevant information will be recorded in the accident, injury and illness book.

    1. Incident Reporting

    In case of any incident, staff is to complete the Day Care’s Accident/ Incident Report form when First Aid Treatment is carried out on a child or an injury becomes apparent by staff. First Aid reports are to be written by the Program Director or designate. The report will include the following:

    • The child’s full name, the date, the time.
    • An accurate account of what happened, never assume.
    • In the event of staff injury, the Accident/Incident Report form will also be completed.
    • Where possible a witness will be required to sign the forms.
    • The Director is to be made aware of all incidents including those not requiring a written report.
    • Parents are required to read and sign Accident/ Incident Report forms and the form is then to be filed in the child’s enrolment folder in the office.
    • If a parent requires or requests a copy of the Report, the Director may provide a copy of the report at her discretion.

    Our day care will ensure to report to the licensing staff any of the following:

    • Emergency evacuation
    • Program closure due to an emergency
    • An intruder on the program premises
    • A child removed from the program by a person without parent/ guardian consent
    • A lost child or a child left on premises after operating hours
    • An injury requiring medical attention
    • Any serious incident
    1. Smoking

    In accordance with the Child Care regulation, our staff will ensure that no person smokes on the program premises. Also, no staff member shall smoke at any time or place where child care is being provided.

    As children are not always able to move away from a smoker as adults are able to, we will strictly adhere to the smoke free environment policy. The objective of this policy is to protect all persons from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke, including passive smoking.

    Parents, family members or relatives of children enrolled at the service will not be permitted to smoke on the premises and will adhere to our Smoke Free Environment Policy.

    1. Children’s Records

    In accordance with the Child Care Licensing Regulations, our program will maintain on the program premises for each child an up-to-date record containing the following information:

    • The child’s name, date of birth and home address
    • A completed enrolment form
    • The parent’s name, home address and telephone number
    • The name, address and telephone number of a person who can be contacted in case of an emergency.

    Our staff will review the record files with the parents on a regular basis, and ask parents to initial them to ensure that all records are up-to-date.

    1. Portable Records

    In accordance with requirements of Child Care Licensing Regulations, our program will maintain a portable record of emergency information, including the following:

    • In respect of each child, the information referred to in our relevant policies and outlined in this document
    • The telephone numbers of the local emergency response service and poison control center
    1. Administrative Records

    According to the requirements listed in Child Care Licensing Regulations, our day care program will ensure to maintain on the program premises up-to-date administrative records, containing the following information:

    • Particulars of the daily attendance of each child, including arrival and departure times
    • Particulars of the daily attendance of each primary staff member, including arrival and departure times, and hours spent providing child care

    With respect to the program supervisor and each primary staff member:

    • Evidence of the supervisor’s or member’s child care certification, and
    • A current first aid certificate, where applicable

    With respect to each staff member and each volunteer, verification that a current criminal record check required under that section has been provided to the day care administration.

    We will also ensure that:

    • The records referred above are available for inspection by the director at all times,
    • The information is available for inspection by the child’s parent at reasonable times, and
    • The information is retained for a minimum period of 2 years.
    1. Emergency Procedures

    Our day care program will ensure that emergency evacuation procedures are made known to all care providers and to children where developmentally appropriate.

    1. Emergency Evacuation

    In the event of an emergency, our Emergency Plan will be activated.

    • Causes for evacuation include but are not limited to: fire, bomb threat, explosion, flood, severe thunderstorm, severe winter storm, hurricane, tornado, toxic fumes, electrical, heat, water and structural failure.
    • In an emergency, evacuation to a predetermined location will be called by the Program Director. The evacuation of the facility should proceed by the staff as rapidly and safely as possible.
    • Evacuation routes posted in each area showing exits and directional will be followed.
    • In the event of a major environmental hazard that necessitates a large evacuation such as several neighborhoods, a city/town or geographical area, due to a large non-confined hazard, the local government agency will determine the mass shelter location. All employees are to accompany their assigned children to the shelter and remain with them while family/guardian/emergency contacts are notified and arrangements are made for their
      pick up.
    • All personnel at the Day Care will receive orientation and training in his or her responsibilities within the plan annually.
    • Each child, where developmentally appropriate, will receive training concerning emergency evacuation procedures.
    • Regular drills will be conducted and all possible emergency scenarios covered on a rotating basis. Written reviews of the drills will be kept with the plan for reference and updating of plan.
    1. Holidays

    The centre will be closed on regular statutory & civic holidays.

    • New Years’ Day
    • Family Day – Alberta
    • Good Friday
    • Easter Monday
    • Victoria Day
    • Canada Day
    • Heritage Day – Alberta
    • Labour Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Remembrance Day
    • Christmas Day*
    • Boxing Day*

    *Our daycare centre will be closed from December 24 up to and including January 1st for Christmas Break every year.

    Parents will be notified in advance if our centre must close any additional days due to other reasons.

    Revised: November 18, 2014